Best Attic Fans to Buy in USA – Top 5 Picks

Attic fans help to vent hot air from the attic of homes. This helps to lower the overall temperature of the house and thus saves your money on air conditioning bills. Attic fans use less electricity compared to air conditioning systems, so having an attic fan is a big advantage in lowering power bills.

I selected these best attic fans based on consumer reports, wattage, cfm and reliability. I hope my list will help you select the right attic ventilation fan for your home.

Top picks summary;

  1. Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Mount Ventilator Fan
  2. QuietCool AFG S MT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan
  5. Solar Powered Attic Fan – 12 Watt | Natural Light
Best attic fans


  1. Best Attic Fan
  2. Quiet Attic Fan
  3. Best Roof Mount Attic Fan
  4. Best Solar Attic Fan
    1. Best roof mount Solar Attic Fan
    2. Best gable mount Solar Attic Fan
  5. More About Attic Fans
    1. What are attic fans
    2. Benefits of having attic fans
    3. Types of attic fans
    4. Things to look for when buying
    5. Wholehouse Fans vs Attic Fans

Best Attic Fan in USA

Given below is my review of the best attic fan available in United States. I picked this after considering many popular choices; this is the best one.

Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Mount Ventilator Fan

->Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Mount Ventilator Fan

If you’re Looking for a powerful and cost saving attic fan, CX1500UPS can be the best one for you. This attic fan is the ultimate solution for your overheated attic. CX1500UPS provide efficient power attic ventilation that minimizes the heat production and maintain overall temperature of an attic. Its 1300 CFM power attic fan equipped with 2.6 Amp motor (thermally protected), a steel flange (galvanized), and an automatic thermostat (yes, this is an attic fan with thermostat) that performs really well. It efficiently cools attic up to 1,850 square feet.

Another great thing about CX1500UPS attic fan is, you can mount it effortlessly in the gable of your house. You can mount it almost everywhere, behind the existing louvers or any others louvers that you want. It offers ventilation without disturbing the roofline. Overall, it’s one of the most exceptional attic fans to keep your house cooler and minimize the air-conditioning costs.

This is also the best gable mount attic fan I came across.


  • Easy installation
  • Powerful performance
  • Instant Cooling (within 30 minutes)
  • Auto adjustable thermostat
  • Cost Saving
  • Maintain temperature inside and outside attic very efficiently
  • Value for money
  • Affordable


  • You may need to add rubber isolation to make its operation quiet.
  • The shroud is roundish instead of round, and you may face some difficulties while installing it.

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Quiet Attic Fan

Quietest attic fan – QuietCool AFG S MT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

It is important your attic fan isn’t noisy. I bet no one likes hearing their hum all day thoughout the house.

While most attic ventilation fans are quiet people specifically look for those that say ‘quiet operation’ on them. So here I am listing the quietest attic fan for such people.

Also please note that the quietness of an attic exhaust fan depends a lot on how well they are installed. While installing use dampers to reduce chances ofvibrations. This is because most ofthe noise coming out of an attic fan is caused by unwanted vibrations, not by its motor.

Quiet Attic Fan

-> QuietCool AFG S MT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

It is the quietest attic fans I could find.

It is also called Smart attic fan. Why is it called ‘Smart attic fan‘?

Because it is the first attic fan that comes with a built in thermostat and a humidistat. It auto adjusts its speed depending on the temperature and humidity readings, that’s why it is considered smart.

QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 is equipped with Electronically Commutated Motor that knows when to speed up and when to slow down without needing any manual interventions and use of external sensors. The motor works to maintain the temperature by varying its speed concerning the attic temperature. Overall, QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 is the world’s first smart attic fan.

It’s one of the most powerful attic fans that can cool your overheated attic up to 30 degrees to 50 degrees.

According to California Energy Consumption Charts, QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 is one of the most energy-efficient attic fans that assist in maximum energy savings. It’s 2830 CFM power attic fan that can cool up to 50,000 square foot space. Another great this is its a plug and play technology-based product, that means there is no need for wiring. Overall, if you’re looking for an advanced attic exhaust fan with great features, QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 has everything to impress you with its performance.


  • It can pull maximum air
  • It’s easy to install
  • No wiring need
  • Auto-Variable fan speed
  • It comes with 10 years of warranty
  • Quality Product and value for money


  • It may transfer vibrations to your wall.
  • An insulator is needed to minimize the operational noise.

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Best Roof Mount Attic Fan

Attic fans are mounted either on the roof of the house or on the gable. Roof mounted attic fans have a cover to protect the fan and the attic from rain and snow.

Here is my best pick of roof mounted attic fan;

Broan Attic fan


If you’re living in a home with multiple floors, BROAN 355BK is the best roof mounted attic fan to have. It comes with an auto-adjustable thermostat that maintains the temperature of attic between 75 degrees to 135 degrees. The fan of BROAN 355BK keeps operating until the space temperature goes below the set temperature by at least 10 degrees. It ensures that temperature is maintained appropriately. With the auto-adjusting thermostat, its fan automatically turns on and off by the requirement.

This fan is made of durable material with anti-fading characteristics. Thus, this roof mount attic exhaust fan last long even despite its long exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays.

BROAN 355BK has 1200 CFM capacity and performs very efficiently in 1715 square feet or less space.

Overall, this is a quality roof mount type attic fan that will not disappoint you at any stage and will help you to save on your air conditioning bills.


  • Value for money
  • Auto adjustable thermostat
  • Cost saving
  • Efficient performance
  • Made of good quality material
  • 1-year warranty


  • It has a PVC cover, a metallic one would be better.

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Best Solar Attic Fans

A solar powered attic fan is an environmental friendly solution to get rid of hot air from your attic.

Warning: They may not be as economic as you think.

According to Danny Parker, a research scientist at Florida Solar Energy Center, it takes atleast 15 years to get the return of your investment from a solar attic ventilation fan. Also they are less powerful than line-powered attic fans so you may need to install atleast two of them instead of one to get a noticable temperature drop in your attic area.

Obviously solar attic fans also come with some pros. Solar energy is green energy, so using a solar attic fan is better for the environment in the long term. And other than the initial investment they do not have running costs.

Given below are my best picks of solar attic fans.

Solar attic fan


This is the best solar powered roof mount attic fan.

It’s another best attic fan that deserves the investment. It has many features and aspects that may excite you to invest. It has the exceptionally sleek design that will look very clean and tidy on your roof. Also, its rated 36 watts that mean its energy efficient and offer compelling performance. Its CFM power rating is 1628 and can efficiently cool up to 2625 square feet of attic space.

Now if you are looking for warranty terms, Natural Light provides 5 years of warranty with this product to ensure healthy investment. Installation is very straightforward and doesn’t include any complicated procedure. Wiring is not necessary with this product, and a thermostat is included within it. What else do you want in an attic fan? Isn’t that good enough to invest? Go and grab it.


  • Sleek Design
  • 5 Years of warranty
  • Made of quality material
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to install


  • The product has nothing to disappoint you. It has everything to make you wow.

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natural light attic fan

2. Solar Powered Attic Fan – 12 Watt | Natural Light

This is the best solar powered gable mount attic fan.

If you’re looking for a simple and environmentally sensible solution to cool your hot attic and save money at the same time, this one can be the best choice. Its operation is wholly based on solar energy. It has the sleek design and performs very efficiently. It can exhaust approximately 893 CFM and up to 1260 square feet space of an attic. Also, the installation doesn’t require any wiring.

“Best solar attic fan with 25 years warranty”

The company offers 25 years of warranty with this attic fan to ensure healthy investment for customers. Invest if you want to minimize your electricity consumption using a high quality solar powered attic exhaust fan.


  • Easy installation
  • Solar Powered
  • No wiring required
  • Excellent performance
  • Reduce electricity consumption and bills
  • Value for money product
  • 25 years of warranty to ensure healthy investment


  • Cowling is quite more significant than it should be

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More About Attic Fans

What Is An Attic Fan? How Does It Cool A House?

Attic fans are energy-efficient ventilation devices that help in maintaining the temperature of attics by pushing out the hot air of an attic and replacing it with cold air from outside. The are mostly used in United States, and Canada, you won’t find them much in any other countries.

Well, it’s evident that they can’t replace air conditioners with its cooling power, but can be an excellent investment for all the energy efficient consumers. These fans consume only a fraction of energy, and thus they are called energy efficient ventilating fans.

These fans work on the principle of pushing the hot air out of the attic and drawing in the cold air from the open environment.  With this mechanism, the hot air available inside attic get replaced with cold air, and the temperature of hot attic get reduced.

The blades of attic fan are designed in such a way that they effectively push out and draw in the air. The blades usually have the curvy shape on their tip. When these blades rotate with the help of motor of the attic fan, the air exchanging process takes place.

There are different types of attic fans, but all of them follow the same operating principle. Whether you opt an auto speed attic fan or any other sensor-equipped attic fan with other feature, the central operating principle remains same. It’s just that the add-on improve their efficiency and cooling rate.

Key Benefits Of Having An Attic Fan

  • It’s an energy efficient approach towards cooling a hot attic.
  • It reduces ice damming chances on the roof.
  • It reduces the humidity level of an attic and thus offer protection from mold and mildew.
  • Easy to install
  • Reduce energy cost
  • A great alternative solution to your Ac

Types Of Attic Fans

There are three types of attic fans that are used worldwide. Have a look below to get familiar with them.

#1 Electric Powered Attic Fans

Electric attic fans are most potent attic fans that operate by utilizing electrical energy. Most of the electric attic fans come equipped with thermostats that control the attic fans by automatically switching them ON and OFF by requirement. This feature makes these fans energy efficient. However, when it comes to investment, electrical attic fans are more costly than any other type of attic fans.

#2 Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar Powered Attic Fans operate by utilizing the solar energy. These attic fans are the great approach towards minimizing the electricity consumption and electric bills.  The efficiency of solar powered attic fans depends on the sunlight and exposure condition. That’s, they are highly efficient when there is plenty of sunlight, and the efficiency declines when there is none. Even they stop operating when the skies are overcast. However, these fans are the excellent choice to cool your hot attic and cost less than electric attic fans.

#3 Wind Powered Attic Fans

It’s another powerful and environment-friendly attic fan that operates by utilizing the natural (wind) energy.  Wind-powered attic fans are best when it’s about minimizing electric consumption and electric bills. However, when its about performance and efficiency, these fans face same lack of reliability and consistency as solar powered attic fans. Their ability to exhaust air is utterly dependent on the wind speed. These attic fans will exhaust maximum air when the wind speed is high. However, their performance and effectiveness will get reduced with the low-speed wind.

Things To Look For When Buying An Attic Fan

Now if you’ve planned to buy an attic fan, have a look below to invest wisely. Consider all the below-given points before you invest, it will help you to pick the right attic fan.

1. Size Of The Attic

Your attic size plays an important role, and you should never overlook the size factor. Fact is, attic fans are not made to work efficiently in every condition, several factors affect the effectiveness and efficiency of attic fans. Size is one of those factors. Before you invest in an attic fan, make sure you’ve analyzed the respective area where you will install it. The more significant will be the area, the more powerful attic fan will be required. If you do not consider and analyze the respective area before investing, probably you will end up with an attic fan that will not be performing as per your expectations.

2. CFM Output

CFM (cubic feet per minute) defines the ability of an attic fan to move the amount of air in defined time. CFM is an essential factor that you must calculate for your space before you invest.

For example, if total floor area of your home is 2000 sq feet with 8 feet high ceilings, probably you have 1600 cubic feet total volume. However, if you have 10 feet high ceilings, then the area will be 20 thousand cubic feet (or +25%).

Now according to the general rule of thumb, you will need an attic fan that can move at least 2 to 3 CFM per square feet of individual space. This statement is valid for standard 8 feet ceilings. Now if you have 20,000 square feet space then multiply it by 2 to 3 CFM, and you will get the result as 40,000 to 60,000 CFM. That’s the ideal CFM requirement for your space.

Similarly, you can analyze your space and calculate the required CFM power.
Attic fan products usually have the CFM range mentioned in their box and detail plates. So, go through the details of particular attic fan and match the CFM power of the attic fan with CFM power required for your attic space. It will help you to get the right attic fan for your attic space.

3. Mounting Type

Considering mounting type is another significant factor while picking the right attic fan with the more natural installation process.

Gable mount attic fans are known to perform great when it’s about moving much heat from your house. When it’s about roof mounting, most of the people don’t agree with cutting a hole in their roof. However, it’s effortless to install a roof mount than a gable mount.

So, before you invest get familiar with these essential things. What matters the most for you, your comfortability or performance of particular attic fan?

4. Power Source  And Consumption

There are three types of attic fans that operate using electrical, wind and solar energy respectively. If you’re planning to pick an electrically powered attic fan, probably you will have to pay more. Electric fans are usually costly than a wind powered and solar powered attic fan. Also, with electric powered attic fans you may have to pay more electricity bills.

If you want to reduce the electricity consumption and bills, wind-powered and solar powered attic fans are the best.  However, they both operate using natural energy ( wind energy and solar energy), and that’s why their performance and efficiency is entirely dependent on environmental factors. The efficiency of a wind-powered attic fan and solar powered attic fan depends respectively on the speed of the wind and the amount of sunlight available. Thus, before you pick any attic fan, make sure you can afford the power bills or if the fan is operating using natural energy sources then make sure wherever you’re installing the attic fan has the supportive environment.

5. Ease Of Installation

Now that’s another critical factor to be considered while buying an attic fan. If you’re not willing to pay extra and hire a profession attic fan installer, always opt the one that is easy to install following the manual guide provided with the product. Before you invest, make sure the fan you’re buying has a straightforward installing process. Check whether any additional equipment is needed to install the attic fan. Check the mount type and whether you’re comfortable with it or not. Considering all these factors will help you to pick an easy to install attic fan that doesn’t involve any complex or complicated procedure.

Wholehouse vs Attic Fans

Usually, peoples consider both an attic and whole house fan as same ventilating devices with similar features. However, they both are different and used for different purposes. Here we have elaborated the difference. Have a look below to know.

Attic Fans

These fans are usually installed on the roof of a building or house to push out the hot air and draw in the cold air. In other words, attic fans work as an air exchanger that replaces the hot air available inside an attic with the cold air available outside in the open environment. Efficiency and effectiveness of these fans are limited to particular attic only, that’s you can’t use them if your purpose is to maintain the temperature of entire living space. An attic fan can effectively reduce the temperature on the floor of a home by 10 degrees on hot days. Attic fans are considered as energy saving ventilation devices that boost ventilation and reduce energy costs.

Whole House Fans

Just like an attic fan, the primary function of a whole house fan is to eliminate hot air from a building or home. However, these fans work to remove hot air from the entire house instead of attic only.  These fans are inexpensive and considered as an efficient approach to cool buildings and houses. A whole house fan draws cold air through windows and force up warmer air into the attic and then push them out of the house. These fans are also energy efficient and cost saving as attic fans are.

So, the key differences between both these fans are the purpose and effectiveness. Attic fans are for cooling attic space only, on the other hand, whole House fans are for cooling the entire house. Both these fans are equally effective and useful for separate purposes.